The advantages of the system macOS Mojave you’ll enjoy starting on Monday

Scheduled for release Apple operating system macOS Mojave officially live on Monday 24 September 2018, here we have a set of the most notable new features that will be enjoyed by users of computers macOS.

The advantages of the system macOS Mojave

Night mode Dark mode

مزايا نظام macOS Mojave

Operating system MacOS High Sierra the current lets you turn the Night Mode menu bar preferences the application bar and bottom Dock, but it leaves a lot of space to the opposition in bright colors between the edges of the upper and lower screen computers macOS.

The new style shows you the desktop screen completely dark, including the background of the desktop and applications.

During the presentation at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which has allowed the style of the dark appearance of the images in the Photos app to show photos. Even if the window for Xcode looked fantastic in the dark pattern.


Desktop Dynamic

مزايا نظام macOS Mojave

Can exploit desktop Dynamic optimized with a dark pattern, which in fact holds no more benefit from being displayed for the appearance that appears on the desktop, but, not of attractive appearance!

So that changes the desktop dynamic backlight your screen during the hours of the day, to give you a picture of the desert that the system Mojave light morning warm, gives you the same background in the noon light shining, and in the evening you can enjoy a night-light is magnificent.


Feature Stacks to arrange your files on the desktop

مزايا نظام macOS Mojave

Do you feel guilty about the scattering of your files on the desktop of everyone? Are there a lot of icons? If it was a way to organize your files is not perfect, it will make you Mojave feel that it offers you cleaning services for the desktop, and organized the files in a way that makes you get rid of this mess, it should be for you, and combines them in groups of high and small.

Feature Stacks work on the arrangement of icons scattered over your desktop, and put them in groups resembling stacks. You can clean the car with ratings by type of File, History, and tags, and more.


Feature View Gallery View for Finder

مزايا نظام macOS Mojave

Looked feature Finder does it have only 4 methods show of all time, namely: the Icons, the list, the وColumns, and Cover Flow. However, the Mojave adds a presentation of the VA in the form of a Gallery.

It seems this method is useful, especially with the review of the images via Finder, because the preview pane shows the metadata for the king, offering options custom quick actions that allow you to like rotate the image without having to drag her to the Photo, and the introduction of a PDF file, or add a watermark.

Use the largest tools for Markup

مزايا نظام macOS Mojave

Adds Mojave tools and Makeup to the feature Finder, instrument Quick Look, and screenshots; what facilitates the signing of the PDF file, or add text to any photo or screen shot.


New tool to export the screen

مزايا نظام macOS Mojave

Offers new release Mojave new tool to export your screen, the same way that going by the screen shots in the version of iOS 11, custom for iPhone. Gives you the screen shots in the Mojave preview instant quick to add the text, and gives you more sharing options. It also offers new possibilities to record a video of parts of the tasks performed by on your screen.


Icons favorites add to Safari!

مزايا نظام macOS Mojave

At the end of the ad hoc submission version macOS Mojave from the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, stated the company’s vice president of software engineering Craig Vader external, to icons favorite will be added Finally to the Safari browser.


4 applications in system, iOS can be transferred to the devices Mac

مزايا نظام macOS Mojave

Denied Fidel external strongly desire Apple to merge iOS وMacOS, but he said that Apple begin in the project will continue for many years, in order to facilitate transfer apps from iPhone to Mac.

In order to provide evidence of this principle, added Apple TV 4 of the most important applications that characterize iOS in the version of MacOS Mojave, namely: News, وStocks, the and Voice Memos, the home.


Conference calls via FaceTime

مزايا نظام macOS Mojave

Can now use FaceTime to implement a group video call, they can join up to 32 people to call, FaceTime one.


The Continuity feature in the camera

مزايا نظام macOS Mojave

Offers free parking the Continuity feature in the camera. This feature lets you take a picture or scan the level, and add them immediately to the level in your Mac.

Filled application scanning or image capture on your Mac, take photos or perform scanning via the iPhone, you will see that the picture or scan will be added to the document on your Mac.


Improvements relating to security

مزايا نظام macOS Mojave

Can not watch the presentation technology in the year 2018, without mention of privacy and security. I didn’t mention the browser Safari a lot during the presentation, but Apple said that the Mojave will be forbidden to track the ads on Safari, which allows declarations of shoes -for example – to appear in front of you at each location you are; because you spent 30 seconds in the scan gym shoes during your lunch break.

Will be difficult to Mojave is also on companies to determine your Mac, based on the definition of the configuration and the fonts and plug-ins that are installed on the device. You want Apple to make your Mac looks like any other device.

As well as that Mojave will force apps to ask permission before using the camera and microphone of your device to the Mac, as is already happening with the location determined,, contacts, photos.

In addition to requests authorization to enter into Mojave will be extended to include database e-mail, the archives of messages, data Safari, and backups for Time Machine, iTunes, the backups of the device, sites, and Locations and Routines, and the system cookies.


Re-store design , Mac AppStore

مزايا نظام macOS Mojave

Wearing Store, Mac App Store, a new solution with the Mojave. And new pages -discover (Discover), tos (Create), and (Work), Play (Play)- access to what you want.

It seems that the application of the long-awaited make their way towards the Mac App Store on its design, including Microsoft Office 365, and Lightroom developed by Adobe, and also the text editor BBEdit from the company, BareBones.

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