The advantages that we would like to offer its Apple TV in the iOS system 12 – the second part !

Not much left for when Apple make an official announcement about the iOS system 12, which we expect to have a significant focus on performance, has lost Apple some more, we might be able to contribute ideas to imagine about the advantages that Apple can add, this is the second part.

المزايا التي نرغب أن توفرها آبل في نظام iOS 12 - الجزء الأول

The advantages that we would like to offer its Apple TV in the iOS system 12 – Part I

Let’s differentiate between what will Apple provide and we are officially in the iOS version 12, and between the users want and they get it, and what we offer you now is imagine the developers, but imagine the designs reflect the desire of millions of users for iPhone and iPad about the advantages please get it in iOS 12.

Earlier we showed you the first part, today with us the second part, which we continue to offer some advantages, which are as follows:

First: re-design of the Control Center !

The most prominent advantages that are added by Apple in the last version of the versions of iOS; Control Center, which is the centre, which you get to drag your finger from the bottom screen to the top, or on the iPhone X from the top screen to the bottom, and through it you can activate or turn off many more.

Although Apple has through its provision of many of the more simple tasks that should have been provided years ago, but it still can improve it by adding new features according to the previous image, for example, that: prolonged pressure on the option to activate the Wi-Fi network; and transmitting our page Wi-Fi networks available, without the need to to Settings and then Wi-Fi to do this.

Same thing with Bluetooth, with access to greater attention thanks to the adoption of the Apple TV on screen full in modern devices, obviating the user from wasting time in traveling here and there to activate the option on or off.

The second advantage: simpler design

And because the system design will not change as expected in the iOS version 12; however, the leadership of Apple by focusing on improvement is important, this may increase to make it more simple, safety, which ensures the user to work without concern of tension.

And because the simplicity of the Apple TV systems in terms of design is one of the most prominent advantages, the focus on them through the new version of the iOS system it would be important, this may not expect to get many improvements on the design but make it smoother is to be expected.

Third: improve the App Store – also


Also of important elements in the system iOS; the app store, which the Apple TV re-design in the previous version iOS 11; but in the next version of expected to continue Apple’s focus on in terms of design, providing design better, more beautiful and stable.

Fourth: re-design of Phone application

Than can Apple TV focus on besides the stability of the system, modify the phone app, an app that lacks many of the more important, the beginning of a design that has not changed since the period.

This as is evident in the previous image, Apple can adopt the new design of the mobile app is important, with the adjustment plate numbers, as well as add more benefits such as quick access to Favorite contacts by prolonged pressure on the numbers.

Finally: these are the leading 4 advantages of have been monitored through the design of some wish, and in later articles we’ll bring you more details about the advantages of getting rid of unwanted, rounded picture of her to you.

What do you think about this more? Are you thinking about the benefits you want from Apple added to iOS that 12?

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