The advent of OnePlus Z finally on the platform of the performance test – is it the best choice average?

Over on the launch series phones OnePlus 8 many weeks, but from the themes that were running the technical community about this series is the OnePlus Z which I knew previously as the OnePlus 8 Lite, and here we are talking about the version available from phones OnePlus 8 which will also come with a low price, and with the passage of time did not hear any thing about the phone is expected to be back today tests performed on the platform of Jake’s while, coupled with the many details related to the course.هاتف ون بلس Z

What are the specifications of the OnePlus Z available

Reveals the new information is the inclusion of performance test comprehensive for OnePlus Z on the platform performance tests reliable Geekbench, this test does not reveal to us only that the phone is real and coming in the way it reveals to us also about the most important specifications of the phone which carried the codename for OnePlus AC2003 in the performance tests, which puts the possibility for coming to the phone with a different name for the OnePlus Z, but away from the more important are the specifications.

The phone comes with a processor Snapdragon 765G above average along with up to 12 GB of RAM and the phone runs with Android 10 already, have made phone 1955 points within tests the performance of kernels combined and 612 points performance tests nuclear one, this specifications we can expect fierce competition from OnePlus against phones of this category.

هاتف ون بلس Z

Recall that it was planned for the OnePlus Z that comes with a processor MediaTek Dimensity 1000 flagship, but later we learned that the OnePlus might think about giving up this processor for processor the OnePlus 765G -which is the weakest of them, by the way – but based on all of this appeared a forecast that suggests that we might see two phones OnePlus Z one of them with a processor MediaTek second with a Qualcomm processor!

What do you think? And you may be considering the acquisition of the new phone? Note that the delivery expectations indicated that its price will start at 300 USD, which is priced excellent for this category if we take into account the reputation of the OnePlus excellent specifications and a contrasting interior that offers her the phone.

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