The advent of the first phone flagship from Nokia actually

Revealed Nokia’s plan to enter the market of flagship phones about two weeks ago, so I didn’t expect the appearance of the first phone to pioneer them so fast.

Despite predictions of the arrival of the Nokia 9 with five cameras as the first phone flagship of the company under the sign of the HMD, world monitoring Day phone leading the mysterious alleged source of arrival to the market before Nokia 9.

Added the source to the processor that runs the Nokia phone will be a Snapdragon 845, what makes it suitable for devices leading from 2018.

The pictures show the phone interface of the screen and the edges of the top and sides equal, except for the big chin which bears the Nokia logo. And does not show the front camera in any of the both edges of the phone top and bottom, refers to the probability of support for the reins of the automatic features of the camera like the one in the phone Vivo setback.

Interesting that the rear cameras that are available in the preparation of the three, there’s no side logo Carl Zeiss upgraded cameras Nokia phones, and next to the back glass, which refers to the possibility of wireless charging support, shows the reader the insight of traditional what refers to the possibility of reader support compact footprint of the company.

That there is no information yet about the launch date of the phone or the specifications.

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