The AI will identify dementia according to the results of the conversation

Except for some acute conditions, most diseases begin with subtle signs that more and more progress with time. For these and cognitive disorders like dementia. And for quick and timely diagnosis of Japanese scientists have created AI that suspects signs of the disease in just a few minutes.

The development of artificial intelligence are experts from Osaka University and the Institute of science and technology Nara. According to studies, scientists have found that to suspect the development of dementia in people in the conversation. After receiving the answers, the artificial intelligence algorithm analyzes them and some input data about the patient, then renders a verdict. According to the developers, the AI is only two or three minutes to ask six questions, then with a probability of 92% to establish a preliminary diagnosis.

The algorithms developed by Japanese researchers, identify dementia based on the analysis of the delay in the answers to the questions, peculiarities of intonation and articulation, volume pronunciation and percentages of nouns and verbs end the sentence. According to one of the authors Takeshi Kudo,

“Daily conversations with AI in the home should help to detect the early signs of dementia. This will allow you to seek medical help at the earliest stage of the development process. The new method can be called universal, because it does not require a lot of time and has a lot of advantages compared to existing methods of diagnosis.”

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