The alert function on the camera in Google Maps was launched in Russia

When in 2013 Google bought Waze developer, many expected that some of the key features of the app will soon appear in Google Maps. Although the company has stated that both teams will remain separate, after a few months of users popular map service began to see some integration with the app Israeli company in the form of information on traffic and incidents on the road.

In fact, many would like (and many that would be useful) to the navigation application Google start displaying a notification on approaching a road safety camera traffic police, similar to what Waze shows the app. And although the wait for this feature had quite a long time, according to some users, they alert cameras began to come back in January. However, what is more cool is the fact that Google, apparently, is now introducing a new feature at the international level, as users around the world now see warnings about the traffic cameras on their smartphones.

Where available the alert feature on the cameras of the traffic police in Google Maps

Although the global availability of the new functions has not yet been officially confirmed by Google, alert cameras commit speed was reported to have earned in Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, USA, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, great Britain and Russia, at least for some users. In addition, the application also began to show speed limits while driving in Denmark, Poland, UK and USA.

Google has not officially published the list of the countries in which these features are available as they have not received wide distribution in all planned regions. In addition, because we publish the material on the basis of information which has been specified in various informal sources on the Internet, these new features could appear in more countries, than we mentioned above. Therefore, if you live outside of Russia and in your country are warning of traffic cameras, but it’s not on our list let us know in the comments.

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