The American administration used to extend the period of allowing Huawei to 90 days additional

Revealed a new report from Reuters about the plans of the US Department of Commerce to prevent the Chinese giant additional grace period extending to 90 days, can Huawei get American products authorized, which may include system landed.

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Relying on the report of Reuters the new on two sources of reliable information which confirms that Huawei will get the extension of the 90-day additional grace period provided previously from the administration, after expiry the grace period of the first on the 19th of August.

As the report makes clear that the grace period will vary in its limitations on the grace period first, where you will be able to Huawei from buying American products authorized just.

Also the report indicates that the period of let the New come in the framework of the negotiations that exist between China and the American administration, where he is expected to hold a meeting between the US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the end of next week, to reach final decisions about the future of Huawei, also according to Reuters it is expected to be the official announcement of the grace period of the New next Monday.


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