The American government is pushing on Facebook to decrypt the talks related to the issue of the MS-13

الحكومة الأمريكية تضغط على فيسبوك لفك تشفير محادثات تتعلق بقضية MS-13

Some reported the news that the U.S. Department of Justice, trying to force Facebook, to break the encryption, full (End to End) for updates application Messenger, in relation to the investigation about the gang Mara salvatrucha criminal, known as (MS-13). Couldn’t Facebook for a moment to the request of the Ministry of Justice in this regard, according to Reuters.

In particular, a full consultation of the talks, nobody can see the content of the conversation only-party only, even Facebook itself couldn’t be found. It seems that the pace of events has come recently, where I tried to the United States government condemnation of Facebook, for contempt of court and failure to comply with its orders, while Facebook in front of two options, first is to remove the encryption completely from the application Messenger, or penetrate the conversations of the people on this issue individually, but it seems that the company is not willing to do any of them.

And vary spent Facebook about the case of Apple, with the Federal Bureau of investigation FBI the year 2015, where a student of the Federal Bureau of Apple, decrypting conversations phone iPhone, coming back for one of the defendants in the case of the shooting in San Bernardino, which in turn refused, why would it break the encryption of the disastrous effects on millions of their consumers. It has used the FBI to a third party to conduct this process.

And it seems that the company is on the threshold of Saddam’s rule, will review the move of the American president, as happened with Apple in the case of San Bernardino, and his call to boycott Apple products in response to the refusal of their assistance. He repeatedly stated that crime in the United States is a product of what he called a system migration, fragile, and assist the Facebook government in the case of the MS-13 put it in the barrel of a gun.

The U.S. government is pushing on Facebook to decrypt the talks related to the issue of the MS-13 appeared first on the tech world.

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