The Android Creator has hinted at the release of its new smartphone

Is there a market perfect Android smartphone? To answer this question difficult. According to some, this role is quite good Google Pixel, because it creates Google itself, and hence, customise hardware under the software as accurately as possible. But others believe that “pixel” units and not close fit in order to be called perfect, because it is literally teeming with all sorts of problems and “ills” which the search giant to fix absolutely not in a hurry. But there is another smartphone that could claim the title of perfect. And it’s Essential Phonethat will continue.

According to Andy Rubin, Creator of Android operating system, which he had bought Google, he and his team are preparing to please fans of Android iconic novelty. He said this in response to a tweet from one of the users who demanded from ruby to release a sequel Essential Phone.

Best Android smartphone

A fan of the brand noted that EP-1 (it is the name is the only smartphone from Essential) is the only device based on Android, which does not require reboots, wipe and generally works out of the box exactly as it should.

Despite the fact that Rubin did not openly admit that his company’s present Essential Phone 2, most likely, it will be so. In any case, Essential will want to make up for the failure of his debut of the flagship, and then try to produce something of the highest quality and attractive to the consumer.

Should you buy Essential Phone

In General, the original Essential Phone, despite its unpopularity, was a pretty curious device. It is distinguished by several unusual features of the industry. First, he became the first smartphone with a keyhole in the screen under the front camera. Thanks to him, the manufacturer was able to maximize the use of space, achieving almost a record for its time, the area ratio of the display to the area of the front panel. Second, the Essential Phone case was made of ceramics, which was also quite unusual. And third, the machine had a modular design, allowing you to extend its functionality by means of removable modules. The only thing that repelled users from purchasing Essential Phone was its price, which starts from $ 699 for the base configuration.

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