The Android version of iMessage is still real?

Project cross-platform version of iMessage instant messenger with support for Android can be revived and implemented in the foreseeable future. As reported by one of the users of the website Reddit with a link to the presentation slide of the GSM Association representing the interests of mobile operators worldwide, in Cupertino are considering the possibility of complete rejection of SMS in favor of the generic version of iMessage technology based RCS (Rich Communication Service).

If you believe the content of the slide, the GSM Association is planning to bring Apple to the development and popularization of the RCS as an alternative to SMS and tools of refusal of the second generation. In the case of consent kupertinovtsy, they will be able to establish the possibility of safe exchange of messages between users of iOS and third-party software platforms within iMessage. In the current circumstances the company does not have capable to realize such a scenario.

iMessage for Android

Despite a clear desire for Apple to expand iMessage, it is not clear whether the talks to any result. It is possible that in Cupertino can resist and refuse the transfer of the corporate messenger on RCS. One of the reasons Apple can make such a decision is insufficient level of security of the new method of message exchange, where the company usually do not neglect.

Secret project Apple

It is known that Apple has been working on transferring iMessage on Android and even designed a special version of the app with Material Design, as fully as possible the relevant design code OS from Google. To transmit the multimedia and text data the company planned to negotiate with operators to merge services SMS and MMS, but eventually refused from this idea due to the lack of encryption.

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