The announcement of Gorilla Glass 6 the latest version of the protection glass for electronic devices and

الإعلان عن Gorilla Glass 6 أحدث نسخة من زجاج الحماية للأجهزة الالكترونية

Revealed company Corning manufactured for glass protection Gorilla Glass used in smartphones, tablets, phone and laptops, and other smart devices on the latest version of glass Gorilla Glass 6 which comes to the characteristics of greater resistance than the former.

According to published company, its engineers were able to develop different glass with best to increase the efficiency of resistance against breakage and protecting devices, where they were able to develop the characteristics of the glass used to deal with trauma better, which make it resistant to double what it was Gorilla Glass 5.

The company said that the glass can hold when you fall about 15 times from a distance of meters before it breaks, so twice the number of falls incurred by the previous version. According to the Company, The average fall of the phones of the users during the year is 7 times more than 50% of them come from a distance of less than a meter.

Recall that there are more than 6 billion telephone and intelligent use of this Glass over the past years, there are more than 45 companies around the world use a bottle of Gorilla in its organs, used to the leading Android devices glass for protection.

The announcement of Gorilla Glass 6 the latest version of bottle protection for electronic devices appeared first on tech world.

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