The announcement of the Move tool Razer Raion for fans of fighting games

Razer Raion

The company announced the Razer for a new terminal for fighting games is the Razer Raion. Tool this control contains the distribution of the usual for fighting games with the 6 buttons in the front end, and fan of the company, Sega of Japan will recall this distribution well in the hands of the control devices of old from the company.

The buttons will be a mechanical verification tool that issued “soon” in the markets, and let the Razer to its life cycle of up to 80 million pressure, and the stock is designed with eight directions instead of four. It also features a tool to check the port headphones 3.5 mm, and support the property of the league or tournament, which allows the player to lock certain buttons so as not to pressure her and use error.

Peripheral customized for your Sony Home Playstation 4 and will be released in the markets at a price of 110 euros.

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