The announcement of the Nvidia Titan RTX: a lot of memory and a very high price

Today Nvidia introduced the graphics card Titan RTX. I won’t waste time, the novelty is $ 2,500, and that’s a lot.

However, as before, RTX Titan is not aimed at gamers, although it can be used for games. And in this case it should be faster than RTX 2080 Ti. Though, because of the novelty all 4608 CUDA cores that have a GPU TU102, whereas in 2080 4352 Ti nuclei.

Also the novelty boasts a 24 GB of memory GDDR6 with a frequency of 14,000 MHz, 384-bit bus, 576 tensor cores and 72 cores RT for ray tracing. In General, it is the most powerful consumer graphics card on the market today… but not in all. There are still Titan V on the GPU GV100. And, for example, it bypasses the new in calculations with double precision (FP64): 6,9 TFLOPS against the whole of 0.51 TFLOPS. But new wins in FP32: 16,3 versus 13.8 TFLOPS.

Graphics core Titan RTX is working on the frequency 1350 – 1770 MHz. Also note a TDP of 250 watts and the possibility of combining cards in bundles.

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