The announcement of the phone “Nokia C1” new.. this is the time to ask in Egypt, this is its advantages and its price

The company disclosed the HMD world, developers for Nokia phones Nokia, today, about her new smart phone Nokia C-1 (Nokia C1), and to provide possibilities for great leisure and fun.

And phone Nokia C-1 (Nokia C1) screen display led 5,45 inches, resolution of 480×960 pixels, the ratio of the width to the height of the 18:9, the ratio of screen to phone body 72.7 percent.

The Nokia phone C-1 (Nokia C1) running Android 9 Bay version of Joe (Go Edition), the unity of Centralized Processing (Quad-core 1.3 GHz), memory random (RAM) 1 GB storage capacity internal 16 GB, expandable up to 64 GB using memory cards of the type microSD (microSD).

And rear camera in Nokia phone C-1 (Nokia C1) at a resolution of 5 megapixel, and the lens (f/2.4), with flash light in Leeds, and export video 720p@30fps, which is the same specification of the front camera, and equipped also with flash-type LED lights, with a battery capacity of 2,500 mAh battery.

Said the tamer Friday, Director General of the company H. M. D. HMD in Egypt: “we are proud to launch a Nokia phone C-1 Nokia C1 that meets the needs of the lovers of Nokia phones. Features Phone Nokia C-1 for Nokia C1 screen, and provides the experiences of a series of apps “move to – go to” for entertainment long-term affordable and accessible to everyone.”

Entertainment durable

Not only give you display wonderful leadership of 5.45 inches of the chance to watch videos of your favorite at any place, the phone also works on the Android operating system Bay (the version of Go), and the phone number is less than the pre-installed applications, and is designed to increase the storage space, which means you keep more of the content that you prefer. The Nokia C-1 (Nokia C1) on the internal storage space to accommodate more than 3000 songs or up to 24 hours of video, a space that can be increased using the SD card to 64 GB to keep up your needs. And phone the susceptibility of the connection (3G) battery lasts for 24 hours. New smartphone features provide the possibilities of entertainment, and you can ability to communicate and use applications throughout the day.

The appearance of the banner

Highlights phone Nokia C-1 (Nokia C1) with its stunning appearance, the lines of its design and trendy metallic. The phone features a cover of the Super transformation of polycarbonate, able to withstand the hardship of everyday use while maintaining its beautiful appearance. You can cover the removable capability on the access to the battery when needed.

Vibrant images with high quality

Get better selfies with flash front camera capacity of 5 mega pixels, what gives you the ability to capture the perfect photo even after sunset. Also, you can now shoot videos or make video calls, whether during the day or night. The phone in the back with a capacity of 5 mega pixel camera lets you capture great photos of remembrance. Just focus on what you want photographed using auto focus for the rear camera.

You can also share and edit your photos and memories even when not connected to the internet with a property Gallery Go, a photo gallery light-fast and other related to the internet and strengthened in your phone. Enjoy better image editing with one mouse click, and find life in your memories with automatic navigation to see images even with no internet connection.

Button Assistant Google the fastest way to get help Google

Features Nokia phone C-1 (Nokia C1) the ability of easy access to useful services and innovative, like Google, that helps you accomplish the tasks throughout the day, even during movement. To start Press the button Assistant Google for weather updates, news and information sports, or contact your family members, or play the videos during development.

Android 9 Bay (the version of Go) Ready, Set, Go

Users can phone Nokia C-1 (Nokia C1) enjoy the new possibilities with Android operating system 9 Bay (the version of Go), which allows them to use يوتيوبGO Youtube Go”“, and help them download and enjoy the videos and share them in a small storage space or a slow network connection, which means the possibility to watch their videos favorite even with no internet connection. Furthermore, the use of useful applications such as Google Maps which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

The design of the Android operating system 9 Bay (the version of Go) is lighter and faster and safer than ever before, enabling you to do everything to seek better.. for example, gives you Maps Google GO Your Site, and updates about the traffic in real-time communications, as well as information about train and bus transportation. You can also search for contact numbers telephone addresses, information about millions of websites.

Price and

Is available phone the Nokia we in the Arab Republic of Egypt dated January 30, 2020, with a total internal storage capacity of 1 GB RAM, 16 GB, in red and Black, priced at 915 EGP.

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