The announcement of wireless charging technology rapid from Qualcomm with the property Qi in the #MWC19

Qualcomm announced today about wireless charging technology rapid own during the Mobile World MWC, in comparison with a wired charging quick traditional, this new technology will be more exciting and enigmatic.

According to Qualcomm, this new technology will help speed up cargo operations at the base of the wireless charging. With the help of our to support the rapid charging, the company says that the base of the shipping you’ll be able to deliver energy in a fast and consistent safety.

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As for the specifications the actual, the Qualcomm didn’t disclose clearly enough, however, it has indicated its intentions to add support for 4+, 4, 3, and even 2.0 fast charging base and wireless charging in the future. However, this technique may not produce the power of 20 watts.

It is reported the press release for Qualcomm to the wireless charger that was recently released for Mi 9 of the Shao, is the first device certified according to the standards of wireless charging quick.

The reported Qualcomm already that wireless charging technology rapid this will conform to the standards Qi FAQ.


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