The App Store gets twice the revenues of the Google Play Store in the first half of this year

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Still the App Store of Apple outperform store Google Play Store when it comes to profit this year, but this is expected to some extent. Denies users Android’s less time in applications, as they can access the stores alternative for applications such as store Amazon App Store. Also, let’s not forget the fact that the Google Play Store is not available in China, unlike the Apple App Store.

Anyway, says the report issued by the foundation ” Sensor Tower ” specialized in market research that Apple App Store has achieved greater returns by about 1.6 times compared with the Google Play Store note that the App Store generated revenue amounted to 22.6 billion USD, while the harvest store Google revenues amounted to $ 11.8 million during the first half of 2018. However, the growth of both traffickers significantly compared to last year so grew the Apple App Store increased by 25.8%, while NMEA the Google Play Store increased by 29.7 percent.

Indicate the results in the first half of this year to be spending on applications will continue to increase. For comparison, the achieved the Apple App Store in the last year profit of $ 38.5 million USD in the Google Play Store profit of $ 20.1 million USD. The report says that the increase was due to applications that are based on the concept of a subscription such as Netflix and Tinder and Spotify, with the knowledge that Netflix is the best application is not linked to the games when it comes to spending consumers.


Games was responsible for a large part of the total profit in both stores. Consumers spent 19.1 percent more on games compared with the first half of the year 2017 in all traffickers with the knowledge that the games were behind 78 percent of total revenue.


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