The App Store will not give preference to always apply the Apple when the era of search

App Store لن يعطي الأفضلية دائماً لتطبيقات آبل عند اللجوء لحقل البحثApp Store

Confirmed Apple they changed the course the research followed in the store by the App Store since last July where the company has faced numerous accusations of fraud due to the takeover of its own apps on the regions of the first search results when the user put a specific term in the search field in the App Store for access to apply offers this service.

In a pointed New York Times over its report in this context to the mechanism of the previous search that were pursued by Apple over the past years in the App Store, which gave it a preference for its products on the applications of competitors, as it appears attached example here as explained by the Gazette.

It is understood that the revenues of the American company broke the record of the subdivision service during the past year, the App Store of the largest of these sources, where they achieved $ 50 million of a lead, with the disclaimer that most of the applications that were subscribed to purchase, may have been accessed via the search field.

Which means that the mechanism used in the search results show the priority of the applications Apple TV have significantly contributed to the increased areas and the net profit of the company, knowing that they also benefit from the applications of other companies that you know through her shop, on occasion in some cases copy like that can compete in the crevice of the music services and delivery of the discrimination is the other.

Spotify has accused Apple of fraud

Referring a little bit to start the year to see that Spotify has accused Apple of fraud and dismissed a case against the European Union alleging the restrictions on the options of the users in her shop, and increase the ratio of utilization to 30% of the total revenue contributions of users in Spotify.

To Apple TV that the accusations of the house music world shaded and far from reality, especially that Apple helped in the expansion of services across stores its supported access to the largest as users globally.

And did not address it here where released Spotify a statement last answer on the maker of the iPhone, giving defending itself by saying it’s natural; being a monopolist will defend himself and will not admit his mistake and always your argument is going to be the consumer’s best interest.

Following this sparring between the two companies noted in the report last May to the European Union’s intention to do the achievement with the Apple TV fraud cases mentioned, and to review the company’s practices in this aspect.

It is worth noting that Apple is not the only one who has faced such charges, where the charge was similar to Google’s exploitation of their services widespread and its application to market its products primarily with the products of competitors.


The New York Times

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