The appearance design of the phone Apple TV rollaway

Despite the prevalence of many of the recent news about the Samsung Galaxy F, foldable boat, however, several other companies have announced their readiness to launch a phone similar, it seems that Apple TV, suitable for the Korean manufacturer of the fiercest, is also exploring this idea.

I got the Apple TV yesterday, a new patent model phone folding, and by the Office of patents and trademarks U.S., which is interesting here is the possibility of folding the model in a double, that indicates that he is able to control the screen of a very large out of a small device thin.

This is expected to lead Samsung to launch Galaxy F rollaway early next year, in the fastness of his success is extensive, it is certain that Apple will also launch a phone of its own, which may be able to move repented large very easily, so despite the difficulty of the development of folding screens to this limit, commensurate with the size of phones little.

Source: USPTO

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