The appearance of a photo didn’t seem that my phone Nokia 9 Nokia 10

The subject appearance image didn’t seem that my phone Nokia 9 Nokia 10 appeared on Engadget.

Appeared new images contain a sketch of what is supposed to be the color design of the background potential phone Nokia 10 which has not been announced yet, and did not know the source of the sound, but there’s a watermark to buy Baidu, and did not mention any information on the sound designer other than he is known for providing accurate forecast about smartphones. This photo is not the diversion of official or officially from the company itself, so they remain just rumors until it is verified.

Nokia 9 & 10

The photos show two designs for the back of the phone the Nokia 10, and the designs reflect the previous rumors on the smartphone and prepare the camera potential, in addition to the patented camera Zeiss which is expected to be connected to the device.

Show in the right picture the traditional design expected to be a wave of phone Nokia 9, with the presence of dual camera vertical in the middle of the top of the phone, there are scanner fingerprint the bottom of the camera Setup with a LED flash on the right. It is supposed to give the picture a general idea of the size and proportions of the device, the differences between the two devices, although it did not detect the two phones officially so far. The existing camera in the second picture traditional is less, according to the source it would be similar to the range sensor Double traditional, but the camera will central user key, there is a LED flash on the left. The user will be also able to adjust the focal length of cotton given more freely simply by turning the unit circular containing those cameras, thanks to what appears to be lens two separate on that unit in addition to the main camera the central.

But still it’s just rumors, there is no way to ensure the accuracy of this news until you Nokia to declare officially what you were doing on these devices. This has included the delivery of the alleged also some other details to phone Nokia 10; according to the source the phone will come with part front and rear is completely covered with glass, with coordinates 18:9; It is expected that the works Nokia phone 10 processor Snapdragon 845.


The subject appearance image didn’t seem that my phone Nokia 9 Nokia 10 appeared on Engadget.

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