The appearance of phone two new Obi with a processor MediaTek P60 and 8 GB RAM

The world a little while ago about phones Opel Renault 3 new as well as the by for the phone OBO new medium, today completed surprises phones Obi-emergence of specifications for two new on the platform of Geekbench the two that come with a processor MediaTek P60 and 8 GB of RAM as shows understanding of the phone from the category above medium.

هواتف اوبو

Phones Obi new in the category of medium and above medium

According to the Geekbench database to test the performance of phones smart phones new names for Oppo CPH2021 and Oppo CPH2001 according to your results phones the phone the second is the strongest, where he achieved 868 points in the performance of nuclear per and 2515 in the performance of nuclei, all while the other phone 766 and 2454 points in the same tests, with the following photo caption:

هواتف اوبوOPPO CPH2001هواتف اوبوOPPO CPH2021

According to Geekbench -as in pictures – both phones come with Android 9, the processor MediaTek Helop P60 and 8 GB of RAM while information about the rest of the specifications of these phones, it is reported that these two phones were within the range of the phones that got the approval of EEC since a little while we’ll see other phones in the average and above the average of the Oppo to the side of these two phones!

What do you think? And how do you see the performance of Obi in the smart phone market? We participated in the comments now..

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