The appearance of Pixel design 4

While previous leaks for Pixel 4 in question is large, leaked the source of the reputable phone design Google flagship killer.

Although the Pixel 3 XL from the camera powerful software smart series, The A large number of the audience did not like the design of the “note” adult who came as a result of follow guide the industry, preferring small version Pixel 3.

It seems that Google will continue to follow the guidance of industry also with the pixels 4, to come to the police flukes to include the front camera. As a result of the presence of dual camera, back to what made his delivery is Version 4 XL.

Exciting on the registry is appearance of camera background of the double, although there is no details on them currently, the Google was able to believe the scene capabilities one camera throughout the past years, let alone a camera!

Also, do not note the presence of a reader insight behind the phone, which refers to the adoption of reader-compact footprint to the network, what means that the phone interface will largely Galaxy +S10, as well as an image.

Usually launches Google phones pixels leading to the second half of the year, so we still have leaks, many can’t be certain her health completely until the official announcement.

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