The appearance of the image leaked review the overall design for Galaxy S9

Recently, leaked image of the review the overall design of the phone Samsung Galaxy S9 the next few weeks. It is likely that this picture is real being issued by the famous warrior Evan blass, who almost always provide correct details when it comes to smartphones unspoken. However, assuming that the image is already the next phone, it looks like it protects the edges thicker compared to the Galaxy S8 in the past year, while other details related to the design do not differ from the previous generation of the phone. Galaxy S9 as shown in the picture looks from the front like the LG phones launched recently a dialogue thick instead of being curved, and the top there is a front camera sensors different. Ivan said plus that the upcoming phone will feature animated emoji just like the name in the iPhone X, in what will be the price point of $ 1000.

a comparison between the design of the Galaxy S8 (right) Galaxy S9 (left)

Everything we know about the Galaxy S9 and S9 plus

[youtube youtubeurl=”1f7vBuenqRE” ][/youtube]

Source: Evan Blass

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