The Apple and protection of nature: Napoleonic plans or populism?

Apple is one of the most “green” technology companies. Perhaps nobody else puts so much effort to save the environment, or at least not talking about it as often and as much as she is. It is not enough just to do something. It was important to let know others about it, provoking those to the discussion and to Express their admiration. However, sometimes it begins to be a feeling that in Cupertino not looking for nothing but recognition, and all attempts of the company to claim their efforts are no more than the usual populism.

Apple pretends that saves the planet, and she writes with one hand, and the other erases

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Apple is not doing enough to save the environment, contrary to corporate self-esteem, says a columnist for The Guardian Arva Mahdavi. Instead of having to begin to solve the problem of environmental pollution at the household level, the company has sights on global, in fact, doing everything at once and nothing at the same time. Despite the fact that the lobbying laws to combat climate change is really a good deal of indifference, which in Cupertino come to the question of maintenance of their devices, negates everything that has been done previously.

What’s wrong with the technique Apple

Apple is more profitable to change the broken device with a new surcharge, not repairing them

In this case we are talking about the reliability of branded products, the company says Mahdavi. Whether Apple has reduced quality control standards, or changed the approach to the creation of their devices, but in the end this led to the fact that they, firstly, were more likely to break, and secondly, worse to give in to repair, which also is quite expensive. As a result, users are increasingly forced to buy a new gadget to replace the failed old one, just because repairing it is quite profitable.

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Apple has built a very profitable policy. The company also undertakes the repair of only a relatively low-damage. If you break the screen of your iPhone, it – so be it – replace. But if the smartphone has been in the water, down the drain. The only thing you propose is to replace the device entirely. But since this is not a case of warranty, get a new device only for 70% of its retail price in exchange for the old one, which will disassemble, dry and replacing damaged components, will be sold marked “as new”.

Why the Apple iPhone restores

“Recycling and recovery of devices is an extremely efficient way, which Apple was forced to go for the blind, explains Mahdavi. But to take from users of the broken device and repair them, sell them as new — not the same as immediately to fix them for us. Forget about the idea to leave the Earth in better condition than we received it. At this rate, we will leave her full of mountains of garbage from the unusable iPhone, Mac, and chargers, which have served the century”.

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It is clear that this is a business, and Apple, like any commercial company, focused on profit. In this, as once again, there is nothing wrong. Another thing is that the behavior of Apple not too correlated with its statements about the zealous desire to stop climate change, reduce environmental pollution and save the planet for future generations. Let’s be honest with each other, after all, is nothing more than an attempt to throw dust in the eyes, so as to monitor the results of activities in large-scale cases much more difficult than in the household.

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