The Apple Music service, convince users of the partnership is 2.5 times more than Spotify


Unlike service Spotify, which offers a free plan know ads, can’t access to the Apple Music service only by those who pay for a subscription service on the assumption that the trial period duration of three months is over. This means that Apple need to customers who pay to keep the service profitable and successful, while still able to service Spotify to rely on profits from ads.

However, it looks to convince customers to pay for the subscription in the Apple Music service is not a problem for Apple, at least not according to the analyst Gene Munster said in a new note that Apple appear to analyze the customer to subscribers in the Apple Music service over at the rate of 2.5 times compared with Spotify, and that’s because iPhone runs stock income is greater.

According to the analyst Gene Munster, it has stated by saying : ” can be attributed to the high rate of upgrade customers to a buyer in the Apple Music partially to the millions of iPhones who have more disposable income to compare with your Android devices. And shareholder of the third actor is the property of Apple for iOS devices that distribute music experience seamlessly integrated in addition to the ability of Apple TV to urge millions of iPhone to subscribe to the service very easily and without spending a lot of money on advertising “.

He thinks also that the number of participants in the Apple Music service in North America Alone of $ 21 million subscribers. Previously we had heard that Apple has surpassed Spotify in the United States of America in terms of the number of Hobos empowerment, although it should be noted that the service Spotify is still the service first musical in the world though. It is believed analyst Gene Munster that the service Spotify still has a market share of 62 percent, while own Apple Music service market share of 34 percent.


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