The Apple Music service currently has 38 million subscribers accounts paid


Apple has confirmed that its service musical the Apple Music service now has 38 million subscribers accounts driven, where the Company acquired 2 million new subscribers in February, according to Apple’s Senior Vice President for programs and services of the internet Eddie Quinn during the conference SXSW annual in Texas.
Revealed the site “phonearena” India, that the music service Apple launched in 2015 fast-growing, unlike its rival “speak”, which currently has 71 million subscribers, which launched in 2008, where Apple provides a free trial version for three months before the monthly subscription price to subscribers $ 9.99 per month, in addition to it can be for families that have up to 6 users subscribe for the $ 14.99 a month, which is what helped her to think to speak.

And Spotify is a free service supported by ads but the premium version of Spotify users an unlimited number of messages to get rid of ads and allows them to listen to music while not connected to the internet, and just like the Apple Music service Spotify premium at $ 9.99 a month.

Scored Apple highest ever level today with a rise of 1% to 181.72$, where the company is the first company to achieve the value of more than $ 900 million, according to the company, “Yahoo financial” the Apple help is now $ 922 million of the $ 1 trillion, and require Apple to pay another $ 15.44 USD to 197.16 USD to achieve more.

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