The Apple Store is entitled to a profit twice that achieved by Google for the current year of 2018 !

Issue the research firm Sensor Tower report their own profits that have been achieved during the first quarter of the current year to 2018 for both stores Apple Store and Google Play.

The report indicates that the total proceeds of the existing applications in the Apple Store have achieved 22.6 million USD in exchange for the $ 11.8 million Apps the Google Play Store.

In comparison with general in terms of consumer spending we find that the Apple stores hit consumer spending on its applications to 38.5 million, twice the amount for a consumer of Google Play, which reached 20.1 billion dollars.

From those numbers we find a high proportion of spending on the Apple App Store for the last year increased by 26.8 % due to the increasing growth of applications which require monthly subscriptions for example Netflix and other applications.

As for the gaming sector expending users $ 16.3 million on the Games available in the Apple Store and 10.$ 3 million on the existing games in Google Play.

As for the number of downloads increased by 11.3 % from the last year has reached the number of downloads for each traffickers to 51 million times during the beginning of the year only.

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