The Apple sure you are making the world a better place

Apple changes the world for the better — sure the vast majority of the company’s employees, according to a survey conducted by the service TeamBlind. In this study, workers needed to assess the overall contribution of the company in the world. To obtain the most representative and unbiased results, the survey was conducted through a special application and on an anonymous basis. In total, the turnout of 278 employees of the Corporation.

TeamBlind is an application where employees of major companies can anonymously share their experiences, as well as to various discussions on topics relating to the current or former place of work. This community is very popular among applicants. Just the service, it is estimated, was about 7,000 people working at Apple.

In the framework of this survey the employees of major companies were invited to respond to the following statement — “the Company I work for makes the world better.” The choice was two options: “Agree” and “disagree”.

As the graph shows, the vast majority of Apple employees agreed with this statement. This is an impressive result, but not a record. Ahead of Apple Corporation managed Tesla — about 91 percent of the respondents answered the question in the affirmative. Next housed big companies like Uber, Microsoft and LinkedIn. As for Facebook, the reputation which the last time was seriously injured, only 64% of respondents voted for the option “I Agree”.

A kind of anti-rating was headed by companies such as Oracle and Snapchat. Their result amounted to 29 and 27 percent respectively. Despite the financial success, it was found that only a small part of employees believe that their company benefits society.

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