The Apple TV attached to the penetrated by the student

We posted yesterday about a hacked Apple TV by a student of Australian managed to download 90 gigabytes of data stored to the servers of the company.

In a press statement today, assured Apple’s customers for a confirmation that user data did not disappear or reveal after this hack.

Recall that the student managed to download the file “secure and confidential” after repeated servers hacked Apple TV year-round, but keep the nature of these files is unknown.

Apple confirmed that it transferred what I knew about hack immediately discovered to the FBI, which opened the investigation and the two police Australian Federal tracking of the student.

Says a spokesman for Apple told Reuters media “discovered employees of the security company information unauthorized entry and informed law enforcement of the incident” without mentioning the details of the incident.

He adds, “we want to reassure our customers that did not relate to their personal data at risk any time throughout this incident.”

Recall that the student is admitted to the front of the case to the crime and await sentencing hearing next month.

Source: Reuters

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