The Apple TV experience, games with Samsung meet on the modem fifth generation in the iPhone

Three providers of communication networks of the fifth generation in the iPhone now on the table, Intel’s current provider of fourth generation, the Samsung meet as a new conducted with Apple directly.

During the five years between 2011 and 2016 I think the Apple TV on Qualcomm to provide the iPhone with the information and communications as the exclusive provider, but from 2016 began to add Intel as a partner provider with Qualcomm, but last year Apple abandoned by Qualcomm and adopted Intel as the exclusive provider of telecommunications, wireless networks in iPhone.

Isn’t the iPhone the only product that I used to modem of Intel, but Apple is also thought to rely exclusively to provide its smart to information the fourth generation when it became the support of these networks.

Not up to Apple after its final decision about the provider(January) modem communications around the fifth iPhone this year, and on top of that will likely not support the iPhone this year, the fifth-generation networks, even where Bloomberg reports that Apple has postponed it for the next year.

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