The Apple Watch and the iPhone will enable them to discover early signs of dementia,

It is reported that Apple is collaborating with companies in the pharmaceutical Eli Lilly and Health Evidation to start to determine whether you can use the data collected from the Apple Watch and the iPhone to detect signs of dementia early. The mouth of this cooperation and what targeting Apple specifically?

ساعة أبل والآي فون يمكنهما اكتشاف العلامات المبكرة للخرف

ساعة أبل والآي فون يمكنهما اكتشاف العلامات المبكرة للخرف

Exit is not synonymous with Alzheimer’s but dementia is a term more comprehensive, a group of symptoms that affect memory and performance of daily activities, ability to communicate, while Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia, and it’s getting worse with the passage of time and affects memory, language, and thinking.

Published a research note this week published by network CNBC News included researchers from Eli Lilly and Apple and Health Evidation. Explores that note, which bears the name “development of metrics to cognitive impairment in the real world of the flow of sensed multimedia devices the consumer” what if you could use the sensor data and the activity of devices and smart watches and use them for “stress and physiological and behavioral vulnerability perception”.

In terms of providing widespread and the technology remarkable consumer devices wearable and mobile computing (smart phones, smart watches, tablet PC), along with many of the methods and sensors available, allowing continuous monitoring of the patients and their daily activities. It is through this rich information, we can get the expectations of physiological, behavioral, put pressure on and provide new ways to detect out in a timely and effective manner.

In this research, is to provide a platform for remote monitoring and alarming for the purposes relating to poor perception, using many of the smart devices that fit the consumer. Explains how to use those platforms to collect a total of 16 terabytes of data during the evaluation study digital exploration Lilly a feasibility study period of 12 weeks I watched 31 people with impaired cognitive and 82 people do not suffer from cognitive impairment in conditions of living different. This is the description of how to standardize data precision, alignment time, and the methods of material treatment rates of missing data inherent in real-world settings to demonstrate the usefulness of this disparate data at the end to distinguish the symptoms through the device data.

As the study claims that the data collected can be used to distinguish people who suffer from early signs of cognitive impairment for those who were in good health.

In a statement to CNBC, said Christine Lemke, co-founder of Evidation “we looked at how the effectiveness of data everyday goods like those captured by the devices iPhone and Apple Watch screens Beddit sleep and we used it to distinguish between individuals with impaired cognitive mild Alzheimer’s disease early, and those that do not show symptoms”.

Is the early detection of dementia is important, because early diagnosis could allow for better management of symptoms and improved quality of life although the progression of the disease cannot be stopped. According to the World Health Organization, where 50 million people around the world of ruin, with nearly 10 million new cases appear each year.

Do you think it’s easy to predict the Apple Watch devices general aspects of Affective and physiological to the user? Tell us in the comments.



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