The Apple Watch connects to the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus? Well conceived

Have you ever been deceived? If Yes, then you should know that burning sensation of disappointment that for a long time and never wants to leave. It is one thing if there were hurt feelings, and quite another if, together with the soul and even cleaned out the contents of your wallet. In such cases usually requires the direct intervention of the competent authorities. But how can you prosecute a company like Apple, even if it deliberately misled a huge audience of its users, having received this undue benefit? Why not.

Why you should not install watchOS 6

This year, Apple is pretty upset its users with the release of watchOS 6. As it turned out, the update raises the threshold of compatibility of all the smart watches that previously worked properly with the iPhone 5s, 6 and 6 Plus to more new models of smartphones. The result is to synchronize the Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 4 (Series 1 and Series 2 has not yet been updated) are now available only with the iPhone 6s, although they present quite a clear inscription on the compatibility with the iPhone 5s.

Why Apple Watch won’t connect to iPhone 5s and iPhone 6

So now many users of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, which have at their disposal the Apple Watch, watch OS updated to 6, it is banal can not use the clock. This problem applies to both the new watch that Apple continues to produce and sell even on the official website, for example, the Apple Watch Series 3, and those that were already purchased before the update. Just a week in the mail we received about a dozen emails from our readers who, not finding the answer at the Apple, come to us for help. But what we can do to help them? Unless Apple appeals to common sense.

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Yes, Apple has not released iOS 13 iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, because the term of their software support left. Well, of course. One gets all the updates the operating system for six years and the other five. For smartphones this is more than enough. But what is the Apple Watch, whose owners continue to depend on outdated smartphones, which two weeks ago was quite a current in order to provide work hours? Like the story from the fairy tale “the Brave little tailor”, who boasted of having killed seven with one blow.

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I would not like to make premature conclusions, but I think it’s clear that we have before us nothing but a banal consumer fraud, for which the Russian code of administrative offences provides for a very real punishment. Anyway, for users who have bought the Apple Watch recently, so sure. Their Apple misled on consumer properties of the goods purchased, and therefore truth is on their side.

What if the Apple Watch is not supported

If you bought Apple Watch in the past 14 days, you can contact the store where the purchase was made. There is, most likely, you implicitly accept the return. Despite the fact that the Apple Watch falls under the category of technically sophisticated products, consumers have the right to return the goods to the seller, if he does not meet the stated consumer properties or violation of its performance. Another thing, if you have Apple Watch for a long time. In this case you need to try to solve the issue with Apple calling the hotline number 8-800-555-67-34, or to go to court.

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