The Apple Watch screen not respond to touch. What to do

Despite the fact that many modern smartphones are protected from moisture, using them underwater is still impossible. No, it is not that there is some special prohibition, and that capacitive displays perceive the contact with water like the real touch. Because of this, the touchscreen starts to not be perceived depression and prevents the desired action. The displays of smart watches in this sense do not differ from smartphones, too, because responding to a short circuit, that in turn can sometimes cause certain inconveniences for users. Fortunately, Apple has found a way to solve this problem.

In Apple Watch has a special mode that disables the screen. This is to prevent accidental pressing

Starting with the second generation, the Apple Watch has got advanced protection from water, thanks to which they can dive. Unlike the iPhone, which, despite certification to IP67/68, it is not recommended to be submerged in water, the Apple Watch include the implementation of sport exercises in the pool. This means that the watch almost certainly will from time to time to pass the test of the water element, which can disrupt the touchscreen. And to prevent this from happening, Apple has built into their firmware to a special mode called “Lock water.”

That means a drop on the screen of the Apple Watch

A drop on the Apple Watch screen is the “Lock water”

No, it does not prevent the ingress of moisture inside of the watch. For this in their design provides passive protection. This mode is needed in order to lock the screen when in contact with water. The fact that water is a good conductor, which means it can complete the circuit. And since capacitive screens react to pressure like resistive, and the circuit, to avoid accidental clicks, the clock block the touchscreen. Apple Watch will still be able to send you notifications and show other information but their display will not respond to touch.

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Mode “Lock water” can be activated forcibly, for example, if you decided to just take a dip in hours, and automatically. Self-activation occurs, if the Apple Watch will recognize the beginning of a water workout. In this case, the screen will display a small icon drops. It means that “Lock water” is included and the watch will not react neither on water nor on your own depression. And to bring the Apple Watch to its former working capacity, scroll the Digital Crown facing away from you and spin as long as the screen is not rasplachivaetsya.

How to dry Apple Watch

In Apple Watch has a built-in mode for the expulsion of water from dinamikov

Disable “Lock water” simultaneously activates the low-frequency sound – this is normal. If you look closely, you can even notice how the speaker take off the water droplets. So the Apple Watch get rid of the moisture that got inside the case. Despite the fact that the design of the clock there is a special seal that protects the internal components from damage due to moisture, the body still has technical holes, which can penetrate the water. It is important that it does not stagnate there, because it can negatively affect the quality of the sound, which publishes the watch, and perhaps other elements.

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It is important to understand that the original Apple Watch (without the series) and Apple Watch Series 1 do not have protection from water ingress, and therefore training in the pool and even more so in salty water, they are contraindicated. Therefore, if the screen of these models ceased to respond to touch, do not try to disable the “Lock water”, because it in their firmware is not trivial. Most likely, the reason why the touchscreen does not perceive touch, is something other and better in such situations to apply directly to the service center of Apple.

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