The Apple watch smart equipped with EKG

As it was announcing the conference was held Apple for 2018 in the hall of Steve Jobs, California, began the conference with the President and CEO “Tim Cook” welcomes viewers and attendees and presented some statistics on the performance of the company during the last year.

It was the first what came in the Conference of new products is the detection of fourth-generation hours Apple smart “Apple watch series 4” appeared from the beginning a big focus on the new generation of the previous works as a full health.

Where you will be able to follow the heart rate automatically and always in the background, thanks to the sensor’s heartbeat, the New we have also the previous device ECG ECG, which is the first of its kind not only in the field of intelligent hardware, but also the first device offers the service directly to the average user without the need to go to the lab in the world, which provides accurate, reliable information to doctors in order to follow the situation fully, including cases of arrhythmia or even atrial fibrillation, has been testing the new system before the “house United” Also get Apple on the adoption by the food and Drug Administration us FDA which is the highest in the world in the adoption of medical technology and treatment which confirms the accuracy of this technique.

In the case of cardiac arrest or serious problems are to send the geographical location and to the emergency number registered SOS, in addition to owning this new generation the possibility to determine the state of fall, “Fall Detection” such as falling from high places to assess the previous request confirmation of the status of the user if it is not certainly during the duration of the specified time are the same steps followed earlier to request emergency.

About the battery a hernia of the company’s battery enough to work for the whole day without needing to recharge, according to the conference but has not yet determined the battery capacity to the actual, in addition to the new design the company provides the customer more information next to the nurses usual the possibility of Make calls and play music and send SMS.

Expect a new arena in three attractive colors and the structure of metal of aluminum in addition to cooperation with the company, NIKE famous sports in order to blend technical Sport for a unique experience for the lovers of sports this by providing the design of the facade special edition NIKE in addition to the bracelet and the hour hands are impressive of the company.

About the estimated price for the New will begin from $ 399 for the basic 499 $ for people with GPS and LTE.

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