The Apple Watch the future features are most impressive.

We mentioned in previous articles that the Apple Watch was a reason to save the lives of many people through health surveillance and training and enable users to speed dial emergency in a timely manner –this link– they also helped the police in solving mysteries of the murder cases and discover the culprits –this link-. The Apple in the latest versions of former great features such as the discovery of the falls, and the EKG that enables early detection of atrial fibrillation. But do you fancy it at that? Or is there something else” …One more thing” is? Of course there is still a lot of things, it was stated over a report that Apple is intending to add the feature Fairy at her watch for the future. Get to know them.

ساعة أبل المستقبلية تحتوي على ميزة مبهرة للغاية

In addition to monitoring the health of the heart and motivation to exercise, it seems that Apple is planning to expand the features of the security in the wearable devices and the head H by the smart. They are seeking to add a feature to monitor the quality of the air surrounding it. According to for a new patent published on the website Patently Apple the company is looking for ways to integrate the sensor can detect toxic gases such as carbon monoxide gas in the hour of her future as well as the iPhone, this sensor will warn the user when the user is in a dangerous environment. As this is a private gas killed many people in each year without the knowledge of the existence of it, because the gas is odorless, and invisible. Exposure to high levels of it lead to death within minutes.

Illustrates the patent how will Apple design sensor gas mini talking ways to use extreme overlapping of the signals and resistant to damage due to streams of gas detected. Also the new design includes significant improvements in current sensors.

Although many users already have alarms detectors in their homes like smoke detectors, there are many environments we can’t discover the carbon monoxide, where only the merging of built-in sensors in wearable device helps to save life in the early.

Moreover, it seems likely that Apple provides application dedicated to monitor the levels of toxic gases rather than just alarm when the access to the danger zone. Such water should be no additional health benefits, so that carbon monoxide gas is present in many environments at different levels of the possible to cause a small amount of it in health problems such as headaches and breathing problems especially those suffering from heart problems and respiratory diseases. This shows that Apple focused extremely on attention to health and well being with their users instead of just pressing the button to connect to emergency and requested the distress that comes late, often after it is too late.

Details include patent also, that this sensor will exceed the carbon monoxide to a wider audience so include other gases such as toxic gas nitrogen dioxide (NO2), the gas monoxide nitrogen (NO), and sulfur dioxide (SO2), methane (CH4), steam and organic compounds . This working Apple Watch user the quality of the surroundings. This is common among devices and HomeKit, but it will be the first of its kind in the wearable device multifunction.

According to the patent also it can integrate those assets in the organs of the iPhone, the future, and it is possible to match the other devices as is the case with all the patents Apple.

Of course this feature is in its early stages, and may not have any presence in any devices, but it looks realistic given the policy of Apple to focus on health and safety in its various organs.

What do you think of the patent? Do you expect to merge it soon in hours Apple TV? Tell us in the comments.


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