The application converts the camera to Galaxy S10 to the bulb notices

Even can Samsung to provide a series Galaxy S10 to design an attractive, modern, I had to get rid of the LED flash, the ad hoc notices, and it can add shimmer and notices about the hole the front camera, such as lighting animation that appears when you launch the camera app and move the camera selfie, but she didn’t, so here’s the application: Always On Edge lighting.

The app that we recommend every user phones Galaxy S10, says the show lighting of notices around the camera hole, and offers options to customize a lot and smart.

The app offers more than just lighting the notifications about the camera, you can customize it to illuminate the edges of the screen too, you can show the light effects when you connect the charger or the sky.

Considering the options for customization can choose the lighting of a specific colour to each application, and can set the duration of the flash when the arrival of the notice, and between each blink and another, and can determine specific times for on and off application.

Comes the app description in the store Google Play That is very light on the processor, despite the multitude of features, including Smart settings provided by the is switched off automatically when you put the device in a pocket of the user, and then resume work when you get it out or put it on a level surface.

It seems that the app requires the appointment of a permanent screen of its own to add the lighting effects, which you may not like some of the users, knowing this that the effect of the screen standing on the age of the battery is negligible with screens Olid.

For feature lighting and notices about the camera hole is aimed at the app phones Galaxy S10, and for lighting the edges of the screen aimed at by the phones which are used to screen Olid, such as Samsung phones the leading from the previous years.

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