The application Facebook Messenger may soon get the option to sync your account Instagram


Can Facebook Messenger users already add the account to Instagram their own, but Sync is not an option at the current time. However, the discovery of new evidence recently that Facebook started testing this feature which will enable users of the Facebook Messenger sync the accounts of the Instagram with their own app. It will help them to sync both accounts, which will replace the option Instagram essential in the application of Facebook Messenger.

There is an option to add an account Instagram in the section ” profile | Profile ” in the list of ” persons | People “. It was included along with the option of contacts sync and the option of blocked people. Once the user synchronizes the account of Instagram with Facebook Messenger, it will be the name of the user account on Instagram are visible to people who they see on Facebook Messenger.


The discovery of this new feature by the developer in Jane Manchun Wong which has in the past looking deep into many applications, including some applications of Facebook to find out new features yet to be launched.

It is estimated that this option is available for a small number of people, which suggests that Facebook still choose him just at the moment. If she was convinced about the portability of using this feature in real life, we can expect the appearance of this water on a large scale in the future. We now can say with certainty when it will happen.

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