The application Files of Google now supports “Google Cast” on Android

With the application Files you can view the media and even the internet from your phone on your TV or on any device compatible with Google Cast and without the use of the data.

تطبيق Files من جوجل يدعم الآن "جوجل كاست" على أندرويد

If you remember, it started the application Files of Google as an application of the application of the “Go” light, it has been promoted accordingly, and although ignoring this category, but it is still an application designed primarily for users who suffer from the internet connection is weak, however, most of its features don’t rely on internet, for example, a cleaning device and file sharing “peer-to-peer”, and more recently gained application to support the transfer of protected media, and now supports Chrome Cast, which I’ve always awaited.

Based on the change log to investigate on his page on the Google Play Store, the app now supports “Google Cast”, therefore the user will be able now view the media, but the internet from your phone on your TV or on any compatible device with the Cast and without the use of the data.

In respect of the possibility to use, when to stop now to the section “filter” in the app, select any category while you are on the same Wi-Fi network, and the icon of the “Kasta” in the top bar for the application, once connected to the goal you choose, you can transfer files from your phone, that app works on a local basis, so you will not need to use a Wi-Fi network or bandwidth mobile phone network.

Finally, as soon as you install this update, the application Files, you should be this function available you have, in the case of non-arrival of it to you, simply, install the file. APK update from here.

Download the update Files on Android.

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