The application helps you take medication with him through the “Silva”

Is the problem of not taking the medication on time by patients is one of the most frustrating things in the medical field, which is why researchers began to study the feasibility of requested videos to patients while taking them to the south for the solution to the dilemma, although the method has achieved some success, but it prompted some to wonder about the ability to maintain patient privacy.

Holds the application name of the Selfie Medicine, which works to push people to take the medication, where the patient opens the app and export the video for themselves when creating their drug, to be later send to the official follow-up to one of the clinics, providing more than $ 100,000 annually, equivalent to SAR 375,000, on the which is applied to the system, thanks to not send nurses to homes to ensure the commitment of the patients to paint.

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Researchers say that up to 50% of patients do not seek medications that have been described to them, which is one of the biggest contributing factors in more than 100,000 deaths per year, but doctors are trying to at the same time ensure the protection of patient data and respect for civil liberties, especially as the number of solutions similar in the past did not succeed.

This in spite of the feeling many people uncomfortable by this idea yet because of their concern about privacy and confidentiality of their data medical, however, thanks to targeted application of a number of carriers of dangerous diseases such as tuberculosis and hepatitis, the doctors of the researchers promising results carry dissemination of trade to include the treatment of diseases is more common with the increase of the extent of immunization of the application and information sent through several procedures and future security-related information.

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