The application IKEA brings furniture now actually enhanced about Android users

Launched the IKEA application Ikea Place today at Google Play after it was launched by the Apple Store and through the app can experience the 3,200 product before buying it.

The application of the Ikea Place, the capabilities of augmented reality to add pieces of furniture by default in any place to wipe camera app within the indoor or outside.

The app supports visual search, where the user can capture the image of a piece of furniture he likes to suggest the app have a piece similar to the products of IKEA.

According to IKEA the app will recommend products based on the dimensions of the room, which affects at its sole discretion by 98%, as to the accuracy of the displayed products so high that it allows to identify tissue types and seeing the interaction of light and shadows with pieces of furniture.

To use Apply the Ikea Place, simply scanning the room or floor via the camera app, and then browse the list of appropriate products within the app, and then choose where to place the piece of furniture. Knowing that the app required iOS system 11 to run it on iPhone, iPad, and supported Android devices for ARCore.

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