The application levels of the Google “Docs” gets a new user interface “beta”

Took Google your to interface Holo to Material Design years, but with its new design is to talk at a rapid pace. As has been already updated many of the applications of the company and this design, there are still a few other waits his turn, including the application of the levels of Google knowledge.

تطبيق مستندات قوقل "Docs" يحصل على واجهة مستخدم جديدة "بيتا"The application of Google “Docs” gets a new user interface “beta”

But now, it seems that the docs “Docs” app would be the first among his brothers gets a new user interface, with reference to this version trial available exclusively for Android users.

The design of the levels Google New

Generally, it is noted in this version, was to get rid of the title bar is the blue and replaced with a white stripe, with no support and as far this moment of time dark.

There are also new icon for the outline, including the “+” button floating includes four Tests floating.

And in the middle of the top bar you will notice a colourful logo to documents Google, with the transfer mechanism sorting the bottom of the interface.

And other observations, was to remove the effect of background image to Google+ profile in the list. Has got page of models on a white background instead of the gray background.

In the editor page of the documents there is not a lot of changes, just become white color is overbearing on all colors.

As for the screen information of the document, you will not see any toggle, but options still exist.

Finally, as noted earlier, this version is just purely a test for a precise number of Android users, so it seems that this test is very limited and server-side.

Currently the best bet for you to get this version, is to download the latest version of the application documents Google file the APK:

From here.


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