The application MAPS.ME is now showing Street types and pay attention to your

تطبيق MAPS.ME يُظهر الآن أنواع الشوارع والالتفافات الخاصة بها

Added application MAPS.ME who offers the service of road maps without the need to connect to the internet, the feature that allows types of streets or roads in place, this feature also allows getting around some of the streets through the identification of certain areas for the principal of it.

And displays MAPS.ME now normal roads and private walks, in addition to highways, streets, gas tarred, intersections along streets, specific. And all kind of these streets will be determined icon private, allowing the user to wire the way he sees fit or get away from another.

Users can also select the streets that appear in the application, for example, can activate the option do not show highways and Main to enjoy a trip across the road to the other especially if they want to want to enjoy more where their.

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