The application of Apple Clips adds features Memoji and Animoji and support the Arab – is time to use it?!

The application of Clips is the application of the development of the apple export and edit short video clips for iPhone and iPad. Now I got the app on the new update because the Apple add a feature to my Memoji and Animoji, posters, new and most importantly support the Arabic language!تطبيق ابل Clips يضيف ميزتي Memoji و Animoji ودعم العربية - هل آن أوان استخدامه؟!

Using the new features in the application of Clips can be used to label personal Memoji cartoons and animated Animoji in the video with the camera front where you simulate the movements and facial expressions of the user to add more fun and humor of the video.

Previously it was the use of posters, cartoons and animated Memoji and Animoji convinced only on the application conversation instant FaceTime and messaging application in iOS.

Apple also has added more stickers fixed to which is added the video of Disney characters famous in addition to introduction to Intro show help ICE video filmed in winter.

The application of Clips supports the Arabic language

Of new features also in the new update to apply the Clips to support languages that write from right to left like the Arabic language that was absent for the app since its launch. Now the user can add text, fixed and animated videos in Arabic with ease.

Guides the Site, “News Apps” application of Clips users strongly after the addition of these new features, the app lets visualize and edit short video clips easily and provides multiple options such as adding filters, text and music to create a special video to share it on social networks or keep it on your device.

The app is completely free and free from all forms of publicity and advertising and Apple on its development directly and updated periodically.


  • Requires iOS 13 or latest.
  • Compatible with phones iPhone and iPad.

Download application Clips for iPhone and iPad:

Price : free

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