The application of augmented reality Just a Line comes with a cooperative unique

تطبيق الواقع المعزز Just a Line يأتي بميزة تعاونية فريدة من نوعها

If you remember, they have allowed Google to apply its Just a Line in the month of March last, and mainly on the experience of augmented reality and ARCore, where lets you as a user to the drawing forms in the air and see them float in their actual place while you move around.

Now there is a new update and unique got the app, which is to support the participation of space the absurdity of the one across separate devices, in other words the provision capacity of the cooperative through augmented reality, whether it is the phone android phone other iPhone no problem with that.

Frankly this update appeared for the first time in the Conference of Google last Google I / O became possible to copy ARCore v1.2, besides what the Sumter police with this “Google Cloud Anchors”, also synchronize the graphics of both devices constantly, access to the database, Firebase Realtime engagement, allowing images interactive itself on the screen.

Finally clear that the application of Just a Line the first application in the world comes the plans of a collaborative cross-platform augmented reality, and regardless of the limited options, however, with the passage of days will improve his abilities and potential, and now to experience the update Just a Line you can upload it to transition to his page on the Play Store, or get it with the APK from here.

The application of augmented reality Just a Line comes with a collaborative and unique appeared first on the tech world.

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