The application of augmented reality to ARCore now supports phone OnePlus 6T and Xperia X and a lot

تطبيق الواقع المعزز ARCore يدعم الآن هاتف OnePlus 6T و Xperia X والكثير

The team launched the work of the application of augmented reality ARCore working in Google, the new update became, in turn, supports dozens of new devices “phone, tablet”, and the list of phones recently divorced in addition to phones coming, as well as some of the past old, on the other hand, also update up gradually to users, but we provide you APK file update if you don’t like it wait where you will find it at the bottom.

On the other hand, also this list is assembled from the device profiles included in the APK file ARCore, where each device is linked with a profile, with the presence of some names for the devices are unknown, as a result of that, we will continue it in the list, keep in mind that the existence of the file definition does not automatically mean that the support device is fully functional, but it is a very good indicator, generally here’s the list in full:


  • Phone “: Phone “ASUS_Z01QD_1.


  • “P20 Lite “HWANE.
  • “Mate 10 Pro “HWBLA.
  • [HWJKM-H] is unknown.
  • [HWLYA] is not known.


  • “Phoenix “PNX_sprout.
  • “Nokia 9 “AOP_sprout.


  • One Plus 6T.
  • Razer.
  • “Razer Phone “cheryl.


  • “Galaxy Note9 “SCV40, the SCV40_jp_kdi, SC-01L.
  • “Galaxy Tab S3 “gts3llte, the gts3lltechn, the gts3lltekx, the gts3llteusc, the gts3lltevzw, the gts3lwifi, the gts3lwifichn.
  • “Galaxy J5 “j5y17lte, the j5y17ltektt, the j5y17ltelgt, the j5y17lteskt.
  • “Galaxy J5 Pro “j5y17ltedx, the j5y17ltextc.
  • “Galaxy J7 “j7y17lte.
  • “Galaxy J7 (2017) “j7y17ltektt.


  • “Xperia X “suzu, the F5121, the F5122.


  • “V1809A “PD1809.
  • “vivo NEX B “PD1806B.
  • “vivo X21i “k71v1_64_bsp.

Finally, as noted previously updated ARCore will be released in a few days to all users, in the case of no waiting, simply download the file update as an APK from here.

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