The application of Bay video Vibo innovative talks and chat through the participation and dissemination of short video clips!

The application of Bay video or Vibo Vibo is applied to characteristic the newly released lets you create friendships and meet people around the world with an original idea by recording a short video clip for you, and then throw it in a bottle (bottle) in search to other people to interact with video and answer or start a conversation with you!

تطبيق خليج الفيديو Vibo

The application of Bay video Vibo

Features bay video or Vibo Vibo:

  • Know new friends easily and interact with their videos.
  • Find and watched thousands of short videos courtesy of different subjects randomly and, send your responses immediately.
  • Throw videos from your camera through about your hobbies, your creativity, your thoughts and your dreams or anything in a bottle video to search for another user.

تطبيق خليج الفيديو Vibo

The application of Bay video Vibo

  • Private conversations free contain voice chat send and download video clips and pictures.
  • Different beaches and different themes
  • The ability to search within the app according to the geographical location of the Arab countries and foreign countries.
  • Other updates coming soon.

تطبيق خليج الفيديو Vibo

The application of Bay video Vibo


  • Working on the iPhone devices
  • The operating system appropriate: iOS 9.0 or newer

Download on iPhone and iPad:

Coder: Shanghai Chabani

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Instagram :


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