The application of camera Google Samsung phones and the new nurses

Although Samsung has developed gear cameras series Galaxy S10, and US, series Galaxy S9 of lens aperture of variable values, the software did not rise to rival software Google.

It can be used the application of camera phones, Google Pixel of the third-party on Samsung devices, after activating the option to install apps from third party or anonymously, and without the need to root or change the settings.

The app named Google Camera mod and got the latest version, No. 6.2, to support the aperture variable values, and thus gives the user the option to control the aperture lens camera the scene.

The facilities application with all Samsung devices that come through the lens aperture of variable values, i.e., all phones Galaxy S9 and Nokia 9 the S10, also supports the other Samsung phones which is running Android 9.

Also got the app on the many features such as the option to hide or show the Advanced settings, provide the advantage of Top Shot to capture a still image of a moving body with the help of application of the Google Image, put the new selfies enhances the white background when shooting in low light, and the option to mute the sound imaging.

This app can be downloaded for free from the XDA-Developers from [Link].

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