The application of fake install the digital assistant Alexa succeeded in achieving an advanced rank in the App Store

iOS App Store

Successful application of the fakes pretending to be the original application designed to help users install and set up the digital assistant Alexa in his way to the iTunes store the App Store. Successful application in the identification of a rigorous audit process from Apple for comments before inclusion in the store. Not only that, it also managed to reach rank high in the list of the most downloaded applications on the App Store.

Discovered the website 9to5mac reports that this app is fake and has managed to climb to sixth place in the Applications section of the help in the Store iTunes App Store. Moreover, he succeeded in the occupation ranked 60 in the General section.

Has been reported to the application by many users, but it does not seem that Apple has any action so far against this application. I don’t know the ads when it is opened, but it requires the user to provide the IP address and number of the device serial number.


Will be sending all this information to a server not controlled by Amazon, so the potential for misuse of this information is high. It may be that the application has been included in the iTunes store the App Store a while ago. Is likely to start to climb up the mattresses after that I got a lot of people on devices that support digital assistant Alexa during Christmas, it has confirmed the US company Amazon to devices that support Alexa harvested a very good sales during the holiday season this year.


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