The application of IKEA Place EN is now available also on Android platform


When Apple announced the package software development augmented reality ARKit, she also revealed that she has collaborated with many companies to create augmented reality apps such as IKEA, which launched the application of augmented reality specifically for iOS devices called IKEA Place en. The app was exclusive to iOS at the start, but it seems that this app is now available also for Android.

It is not surprising that the application uses IKEA Place AR for the Android Pack software development augmented reality ARCore, a subsidiary of Google, is expected to work almost the same way. In the case of lack of clarity, lets apply the IKEA Place en users the possibility to put IKEA furniture in their homes. Although it uses the technology of augmented reality, but it will be more detailed than just putting a picture on the screen, it will save users the appearance of a more accurate why would it looks like furniture.

It is worth mentioning that the company IKEA is not the only one that has launched features like this, the company Macy’s also recently issued a similar advantage to allow users to place the furniture your company in their homes before making a purchase. Having said that, if you are looking forward to the challenge of application, take into account that it is not supported by all devices yet, although Google reported that it is working to bring ARCore to more devices in the future.

In the meantime, if you have a compatible device, you will need to download the ARCore first and then apply the IKEA Place en with the knowledge that you can download both for free through the Google Play Store.



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