The application of iMovie for iOS gets new update brings with it the influence of a green screen 80, a new audio clip


Did Apple update the application iMovie for iOS to provide a range of new features. However, water remains the most important that comes out of this update is to support the removal of the background of the green screen located behind the main element in the shot.

Are using green screen or blue when you intend to remove the background of a certain topic in a video clip and replace with something else during post-production. It is usually used to replace the background in advance the case of the weather map for the region that informs about the weather expected. The use of green screen as well these days commonly in the movies, where the replacement background image produced by the computer, which is how they are filming a lot of movies and TV shows these days.

Will allow you to apply iMovie to remove the background automatically when it detects a green screen or blue or you can use the bar to adjust the effect manually. Moreover, it has got application iMovie for iOS it 80 audio clip new, including audio clips of youth and passionate with the knowledge that you can adjust the tracks automatically to suit the length of the film.

You can now also drop the backgrounds transparent for use as banners or special graphics top of your video clips. You can also add audio tracks to create effects picture in picture and split screen. Before concluding, We would like to point out that the application of iMovie is available for free download on the App Store, is compatible with iPhones, iPads and iPad.

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