The application of Insomnia to allow for your phone display to stay longer

تطبيق Insomnia‏ للسماح لشاشة الهاتف بالبقاء فترة أطول

If you previously used a Mac, or Linux system, you should be very familiar with the application of a small so-called Caffeine, it’s a useful tool to force the screen to stay at a rate to make the screen under continuous operation, so it is not surprising to see it on the Android system, and actually there are some options available on the Play store, the application of the Insomnia is the latest among them.

Where the acronym strong is a tool that allows users to force the device’s screen their own to stay for a longer period of the time limit currently, but without a change this time-out effectively, and if the screen is turned off manually be cancelled automatically.

In regards to screen timeout pre-defined, you have the app with several options, namely 1, 5, 10, 30 minutes or infinity, as well as having a custom setting to taste, and more importantly you are activating the app from the panel notices the rapid, without the need for the powers of the root, just download the application will be completely ready to work.

Finally, regrettably, the application of Insomnia is available for download at the price of 0.99$ on the store Google Play, without having any annoying ads, that supports Android version 7.0 the latest.

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